About Us

We’ve been providing software applications to sport teams 2005. But it is offically since 2017 with our new brand.

We believe that in 10 years soccer will be more popular as football in our country. To accelerate it, We provide mobile apps to soccer teams to increase their connectivity with fans.

Mobile Applications(iPhone & Android applications of your team) make supporters to more loyal to team and make team visible to the sponsors.

Common Problems of Sport Teams

Creating additional financial resources and improving actual resources

Right Communication with supporters and sponsors

Insufficient sales of tickets and goods

What we are doing?

Help Clubs to make Extra sponsorship income.

Advertisement income to Official Mobile Apps.

Create an application that provides effective communication and keep the team up to date

To increase the number Sales: Game Tickets, club’s goods sales.

Making Roster more visible, increase their motivation

Making teams part of USsportApps.com® Community member.

We’re always happy to answer questions, so feel free to email us at support@ussportapps.com